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Report abuse/neglect!

The PAIMI Program represents children and adolescents in the Division of Youth Corrections.  Call 1-800-288-1376 to report abuse, neglect and rights violations.

PAIMI Program brochure

PAIMI Program brochure
Get an overview of the advocacy efforts of the PAIMI Program in this brochure. (542 KB)

PAIMI Program priorities

PAIMI Program priorities
Find out what issues the PAIMI Program is addressing this year. (73 KB)

Imposition of Legal Disability

The Protection and Advocacy for People with Mental Illness (PAIMI)

Like the Developmental Disabilities P&A System, the Protection and Advocacy System for Individuals with Mental Illness (PAIMI) must have the authority to pursue administrative, legal, and other remedies on behalf of individuals with mental illness in Colorado and also focuses on protecting individuals with mental illness from abuse and neglect. The P&A System for Individuals with Mental Illness must give priority to pursuing issues that arise while an individual is being admitted to a treatment facility, in a facility, or the issue arises within 90 days of the individual's discharge from the facility. Recently, the P&A has been authorized to address community issues occurring outside of treatment facilities. Also, like the DD P&A, Congress has granted the PAIMI program broad facility and records access to facilitate its investigation where it has probable cause to believe a person with mental illness has been abused or neglected. The Legal Center's PAIMI Program has focused primarily on protecting individuals who are living at the Mental Health Institutes at Pueblo or Ft. Logan, but has also pursued investigations and represented persons in other public or private hospitals and children in Residential Treatment Centers.

The PAIMI (Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness) team of Val Corzine, Pat Doyle and Mark Ivandick were recognized at a Heroes In The Fight awards dinner on October 24, 2009...

Supporting inmates with mental illness

This article from the Mainstream newsletter outlines some of the work done on behalf of individuals with mental illness.

Supporting prisoners with mental illness article
Fall 2007 Mainstream Newsletter article (45 KB)

Additional resources for advocacy for individuals with mental illness.
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